Our Adults

Our Adults

Furever Friends adults used in our breeding program.


  • D&K's Rowdy

    D&K's Rowdy

    Wow Rowdy!! He is a Pomeranian that will steal your heart with one look. He has done everything right from the beginning. Keep Your eyes open for all his pups!!

    Weight: 9lbs lbs

  • D&K's Fusachia

    D&K's Fusachia

    Fusachia is a standard poodle. He is very playful and loves all children. 

    Weight: 60lbs lbs


  • D&K's Faith

    D&K's Faith

    Faith is a very energetic dog. She loves to interact with all her babies and our children. She is very lovable and sweet.   

    Weight: 45-50lbs lbs

  • D&K's Paisley

    D&K's Paisley

    Paisley is a standard poodle. She is really chill and laid back. She loves to give kisses and hugs.

    DNA Health Certificate

    Weight: 40lbs lbs

  • D&K's Jill

    D&K's Jill

    Jill is a Golden Retriever with tons of character. She is sweet, kind, and loving. She loves her babies and other puppies. 

    DNA Health Certificate

    Weight: 70lbs lbs

  • D&K's Hope

    D&K's Hope

    Hope is a Siberian Husky. she is very energetic and loves to talk to everyone. He is playful, lovable, and very verbal. 

    Weight: 45lbs lbs

  • D&K's Tiffany

    D&K's Tiffany

    Tiffany is a Goldendoodle. She is very affectionate and loving. She loves to bundle up in your lap and insist you give her all the loving's. 

    Weight: 25lbs lbs

  • D&K's Daiseynolt

    D&K's Daiseynolt

    Daiseynolt is a very gorgeous samoyed female. She is very loving, kind, and intelligent. She loves children and all of her babies. We couldn't ask for a better mother. 

    DNA Health Certificate

    Weight: 55lbs lbs

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