Samoyed Puppies & Adults

The Samoyed is a very loving and smart breed. Their perpetual smile and most delightful features really make them stand out. Their thick all-white coat is very tolerable to cold. They are smart, social, and can be very mischievous dogs if not don’t show them love and attention.

Samoyed Characteristics

What is the personality of a Samoyed?

Samoyed puppies and adults are gentle, adaptable, eager, friendly; conservative but never shy.

Samoyed Temperament and Energy Levels:

They are very active; Sammies are energetic, curious, and independent; a fenced-in exercise room is a must.

Are Samoyeds good with children?

Yes. Samoyed puppies and adults thrive on human company and are ideal family pets.

Are Samoyeds good with other dogs?

Yes but training and supervision is recommended.

Sammie Grooming and Shedding:

Samoyeds shed seasonally. Grooming and brushing is recommended 2-3 times per week.

Size of Samoyed Puppies & Adults:

  • Height: 21-23.5 inches (male), 19-21 inches (female) 
  • Weight: 45-65 pounds (male), 35-50 pounds (female)

Samoyed life expectancy is 12-14 years.

History of the Samoyed Breed

Known worldwide for their work as sled dogs and within Arctic Expeditions, the Samoyed is derived from the Spitz or Northern dog group. It is thought that it was a Samoyed that was the first non-native creature to set foot on the South Pole during the Amundsen expedition of 1911.
Also known Sammies, the breed is known for its love of humans, work ethic and bright happy smiles.

Samoyed Past Litters

D&K'S DaiseyNolt and D&K'S SilveradoSam

D&K'S DaiseyNolt and D&K'S SilveradoSam

Breed: Samoyed

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Litter Born: 01/03/22

Price: $2,500.00

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